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B's map store

Here you can purchase B's fantastic ingame maps, made on the xMovie server. All maps are in the standard SA-MP format (CreateObject).

Click on Listing for a detailed list of all the maps or Videos to view map examples ingame.

Latest updates

- December 13 (2014): New map "Whitewood Estates"!
- February 8 (2014): New map "Panopticon Prison"!
- February 6 (2014): New map "Like-A-Boss Tower"!
- June 10 (2013): New map "Panoramic Offices"!
- July 29 (2013): New map "xPrison"!

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How to purchase

There are several ways to purchase maps. All currencies are accepted when paying by PayPal.

Directly from website

You can purchase map files directly from our website but payments are only accepted through PayPal. Click here for an overview.

Arranging with [FRAG]B

You can purchase map files directly through B. Contact him using the details below.

Custom map requests

Maps can be made on request, on condition that the customer has already bought a map before, or payment for the requested map is made beforehand.

To request a map, contact B using one of the methods below.


Map packs come with discounts that go up to 75%. A few pre-made packs are for sale at Payloadz, but a custom map pack can also be made with the maps you need, with the same discounts as the pre-made packs.

The discounts only depend on the amount of maps.


Any questions can be sent to [FRAG]B. Contacting him is possible through:

  • (MSN/Email) frag_b [at] hotmail.com
  • (Skype) FRAG.B
  • (xMovie Website) PM
  • (xMovie SA:MP) svr.xmovieserver.com:7801

Emails or PMs will be answered within 24 hours.

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