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A guide to all things xMovie.


This page should serve as a starting guide for new players, and perhaps a reference for existing ones. It outlines the history of the server and how it came to be, plus an outline of all the rules and commands you'll find on the server.

What is xMovie?

xMovie is a SA-MP server. As the name suggests, a major purpose of the server is for creating SA-MP based videos - machinimas, clan videos, or otherwise with a huge range of scripted features to help movie-makers with this. However, despite this being its original purpose and by taking advantage of the SA-MP scripting system, it could more accurately be described as freeroam, with a majority of players joining to make use of the diverse range of commands available.

xMovie started as a project in late 2007 by Rebel, originally named "Stunta!". This was intended to be a stunt server (which at that time, not many existed) but due to complications with the object limit, unfortunately had to be scrapped. The project then took a new direction and became a movie server, sponsored by the [MOB] clan. Sadly due to further complications involving hosting, this was only temporary, despite continued development. Finally, some reliable hosting was established, and was renamed yet again to MultiMovie. The server went under a final name change to xMovie a few months later.


Compared to many SA-MP servers, xMovie is somewhat lenient when it comes to rules. First and foremost: don't be a douche. This applies for everyone on the server, regardless of their position. Most of the time, adhering to this rule makes the others somewhat unnecessary, but they are listed below for your reference.

No cheating/hacking

This is strictly forbidden on the server. It interferes with other players and is generally quite disruptive. Even if your intentions are good, cheating/hacking is still not allowed and will result in an instant ban from the server.

CLEO mods

These are permitted, on the basis that they aren't disruptive and can't be perceived as cheating. If it looks like a hack, you're essentially digging your own grave.

Treat all players with respect

Don't be an ass to other players, whether it be your actions ingame or how you talk to them.

Don't spam

Whether this be the chatbox or the spawning commands, spamming is not allowed.

Don't DM (deathmatch) in public areas

A public area is any area that isn't a DM zone or private virtual world. Organised DM is fine, but you may have to make this clear to an admin to avoid any misunderstanding.


There is no official rule regarding the language used in the server at present, but during busy periods an admin may ask you to either use English or talk via PM or group chat. Speaking other languages during quieter times is fine.


I'm banned! Help!

Firstly, if you do not remember getting banned, it may just be a SA-MP bug. Try joining the server a number of times to confirm this. If you were actually banned while online, you must follow the instructions outlined here. Players who were banned for cheating/hacking may want to pay special attention to this thread.

How can I join IRC?

You can join IRC by using the link in the navbar. However, if you're familiar with how IRC works and would prefer to use a client instead, you can connect using these details:

IRC server: irc.gtanet.com
IRC channel: #xmovie

How can I report a user?

If there are admins ingame, use /report [id] [reason]. If there are no admins ingame and you still feel a report is needed, read on.

Firstly, consider what you are reporting. Is it worth it? Although we appreciate all members of the community contributing to keep the server a nice place to be, sometimes a report simply isn't needed. Consider the following points:

  • Is the player well known?
  • If the player isn't particularly well known, they might never return to the server. It wastes admin time to sanction users which will never come back.

  • Is the report actually serious?
  • Are you reporting this player for the sake of making a report - is it really needed? Sometimes things are best left alone, provided it doesn't happen again. If this is a repeat offence, feel free to report it.

  • Do you have screenshots?
  • If you don't have a screenshot to provide incontrovertible evidence of the rule breaker, don't bother making a report. Regardless of what happened, we simply cannot take action against anybody without any certain proof.

The User Reports forum is here. Please make our job easier and get the report handled quicker by providing as much detail as possible and by using the format outlined in the thread. Reports that do not follow the format, do not have images or are poorly written (bad English, etc) will simply be ignored.

Can I be admin/VIP?

No. You don't ask, especially not on the server as this would generally disqualify you from consideration. Admins are long term players that have shown a great amount of dedication to the server, often achieving VIP rank first. VIP is given for being generally helpful and responsible, and as a reward for contest winners.

I have a suggestion for the server (or website)!

The xMovie script is currently not being developed, but feel free to post any ideas you have in the suggestions forum here. There is a possibility that they might be implemented if script development continues in the future. Website suggestions are always welcome.


Owners can be contacted by emailing xmovie [at] xmovieserver [dot] com. This address is not private and emails can be seen by both owners.
This is for important matters only - do not use this email address for reporting users or to appeal your ban.

Individual admins can usually be contacted using the PM system on the forum. A number of admins are also active on IRC.