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August 12, 2020, 12:05:41 AM

Author Topic: A better way to use IRC and get involved with the community  (Read 4824 times)


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IRC and Xmovie

Some of you may use the web based client on http://xmovieserver.com/irc/
Not that there is anything wrong with it, it's nice for a quick peek to see what IRC is all about, but it doesn't really shows IRC's true face, or how powerful it really is.

So what is IRC?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, while it may have had it's peak times many years ago, it's still a very valid piece of software.
In short, IRC is a network of servers, with subchannels, private chats and more.
There is a bunch of servers with millions of channels, one of them being our beloved #xmovie channel.
To sum it up, IRC is a semi peer-to-peer chat software, semi server based.

Why do I need IRC?`
Well you don't need it, but it's a nice way to get in touch with members of the xmovie community, even when you're not ingame.  Xmovie also uses IRC for our beloved Xm bot, which handles ETF bans, statuses, info and much more.

Shut the fuck up, how do I connect and get started?
To connect to a IRC network you need a client, there is hundreds out there, one of them being the web based mibbit client mentioned above. Consider it a "demo" to showcast what IRC is all about, to get the real experience, you need a full-featured client.

Below, I will demonstrate how to connect to #xmovie's IRC channel, using a great, simple, easy to use open-source client called HexChat.

Download HexChat.

A download link can be found here: https://hexchat.github.io/downloads.html

Pick the x64(64bit) version if your pc is from 2005+ and the x86(32bit) version, if you're using an old pc.

Install HexChat

I'm sure you installed software before, so I'll skip this step.

Initial setup

When you first open HexChat, you will be met by a network list. HexChat already chose a bunch of servers for you to easily connect to, however, the one we want to join is not one of them.
On top of the list, you may choose a nickname, it's recommended you use the same nick as your forum/ig nick, so people know who you are.

Next, you click Add:

It will create a new field for you to edit, by default it's called "New Network", you may edit this name to your preference if you want.

Connecting to the #xmovie channel

Mark your newly created network, click Edit on the right side

On the top, you see the ip "newserver/6667" this is a placeholder for you to edit.
Currently Xmovie uses the GTAnet network, which currently uses the ip irc.gtanet.com
So, edit the field, and type the above IP.

On this page, you may edit other settings, such as alternative nickname, or autojoining channels.
We'll skip this for now, as it's not mandatory.

Time to connect!

Close down the dialog, and head back to your server list. You may favor the newly created network, and click "show favorites only" to clear up some cluster.

Mark our newly created network, and click Connect!

You will then be met by a dialog, asking you to join a channel. As you can guess, xmovie can be found on the channel called #xmovie

Type in #xmovie, click ok, and welcome to a way better IRC client!

If you want to private chat with someone, just double click on their name and it'll open a dialog!

Also, if you need help, feel free to pm me here, on irc, or ig!

Additional tips:

Avoid people stealing your nickname! :

If you're a mod, admin or similar and want to avoid people imporsonating you, you should register your nickname.
You can use the command /msg nickserv register password email (email is not mandatory, but recommended)
If you change PC or IP, you may need to login again, you can use the command /msg nickserv identify password to do that

Auto connect to xmovie when you launch HexChat

Remember that field we skipped earlier?
Head into network list -> edit -> autojoin channels -> add -> and type #xmovie

Receive ingame /reports on IRC
(Only for ETF mods and above)
Type "!xm.ircreports on" in the mainchat, and xM will pm you when someone reports someone!

Chat with people ingame from IRC, and from ingame to IRC!
(Only for VIP and above)
Type !msg to do that!

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Re: A better way to use IRC and get involved with the community
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Really helpful guide for new players to introduce more to the IRC system.
Excellent, norrig!  :D
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Re: A better way to use IRC and get involved with the community
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Nice guide!


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Re: A better way to use IRC and get involved with the community
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